The Slayer

13 12 2010

Barista with tweed attitude and a lesson in pre-infusing the fusion

A draft about the time I spent with a Slayer. Espresso with citrus notes. Which required another. The follow-up was raspberries. If this sounds like hogs wash to you as all you have ever tasted in your coffee is… coffee, then I’m sorry for you. Find a Slayer. Get it made properly.

Wow these are bad photos to publish, should go back to Melbourne to drink, I mean shoot some more...

There can’t be that many Slayer’s around. They will cost the cafe $40,000. The barista running the thing probably therefore knows a thing or two as well. I watched the second pour. I took him two goes, I like to think he would have thrown the first pour if even I wasn’t watching, it took too long, either way he didn’t bluff and threw it in front of me, a little embarrassed that he didn’t get it right first time. I was just happy that he wasn’t complacent and looked even more forward to my second cup. I didn’t waste their or the machine’s time with milk. Espresso with a little hot water. The initial step of  the espresso dripped like thick caramel over the back of a spoon before flowing onto the water.

The choice is yours

Now there is a reason to like Melbourne. The Sensory Lab, Little Bourke Street. I know there are more out there, next visit will be wondering the alleys and hunting them down.