You all know who you are. Stop believing in someone else. At the end of it all Who is going to help you to survive when all the glaciers have retreated. Who is the soul deep down that pushes the pedals one more time when oxygen debt is turning your world black, and robbing your extremities of all sensation. Who tells your heart to beat faster, longer, stronger. Who is out there guiding you through life, placing the little white ball ‘just so’ that it rolls into a tiny cup 180 meters away – what?! Who adds an extra pinch of salt to your curry to give it the perfect umami. Who makes sure that when you’re not watching, the brickies attain the sweet mix of sand so that your house stays upright during the next 7.4.

Have faith people. No longer need to pray to what you dont know. If you believe, Who will look after you; because, Who know’s, Who cares and Who really gives a s#*t.

That’s right Who is in all of us, we had it all along. Put yourself in the drivers seat; make a difference and have a blast living how YOU want to.

(none of the above are question’s, the grammar is correct)


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19 11 2011

Excellent sentiments here, Scott! Fantastic blog/

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