Bigger is better

5 07 2010

American’s love their big. Big car’s (“Trucks” any where else), big houses (your nobody till you’ve got 5 stories), big food (ie, people) and big Peanut Butter.

But what about plant pot’s…


2 wrongs make a right

5 07 2010

Thanks Bialetti you make waking up affordable

There is something very disturbing about this photo; 1 x Cream in my Black coffee + 1 x that “cream” is Cool Whip tm = some fine early morning goodness. So wrong it’s right.

we all decide.

3 07 2010

There's two side to every story...

OK so it’s easy to make sweeping generalisations and jokes at the expense of the American public. But with so many of them (americans) it shouldn’t take too long to figure out that they are surely the most diverse of thinkers there are on this funny earth. Freedom of speech is almost taken to the point of abuse; and because their not all the same, finding a like-minded friend is easy. 

One of the easiest assumptions for us on the outside looking in is the food thing. Fast Drive-Thru’s and Football field Wal-Mart’s the daily diet for their massive census right? Not if you care. In the State’s there is a growing (I love my pun’s) awareness, in this land of the free, that there is a better way. Buying from the little guy has gained enough considerable weight on the veggie scale that in just the Watauga county alone ‘Farmers Markets’ can be shopped at every day of the week. This means that even if you are a modern once-a-day convenient shopper you can still obtain fresh locally grown and mostly organic produce on any given day.

Old School never tasted so good

This is the USA that I think has big things to offer us all. Since when did we forget that good fresh food makes life better for us all. Yes, there are now Farmers Markets in NZ, Australia and most other ‘side-tracked’ parts of the world; but when was the last time you visited and supported the concept. The argument that they are too small and without enough variety. Well, without us they wont be getting any bigger either. Next time your off to grab your groceries, pedal via your local market en route and support the soul rebels so they can bring back more for you next time. Talk to the growers – because you can – learn about the love in your food and let them know what you like. The power of the little guy’s grouping together can be much more rewarding than what you’ll get out of trying to change a Multi-National supermarket chain’s profit margin priorities. Most of all, listen to your body. If you do love the bike, what would you rather fuel up with? 

It's not all Carrot's and "normal" grass raised Beef